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A few HBH Updates

Tuesday 28 June 2016 06:22:24pm

We have pushed some fixes out to some of the broken challenges. Real7 is now back online! Please check the stat

Forward Secrecy & Strict Transport Security

Thursday 24 October 2013 05:34:39pm

Today we implemented Forward Secrecy in order to improve the security and privacy of HBH. Forward Secrecy "should" make it "i

Ranking System Changes

Wednesday 29 May 2013 06:33:22pm

Since the points reset, We have had a lot of complaints about administrators being in the top ten on the rankings page. The current Admin staff have been here for a while and had already completed the

Changes to HBH

Sunday 17 February 2013 03:52:04am

All Members Read This! There has been a few changes to HBH over the past few weeks. Here are a list of changes and some reason why: We have removed the old databa

PHP Upgrade and New Challenges

Thursday 13 December 2012 07:19:10pm

Due to the recent upgrade in the PHP on the server, Some pages may not display properly and a few challenges will be offline. Basic 26, Real 7, 9 Will be Offline till I get them recoded. Realistic

New Challenge Released Today

Thursday 9 August 2012 05:52:49am

New Stegano challenge released today! Stegano 24 by shadowls. This is a tough one, Took a while to figure it. So have fun. More on the way. Also bugs fixed in Javascript 5, Real 5 and Tracking