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HBH PodCasts

17 years ago

You want more from you friendly neighborhood HBH? Well here it is...HBH

Change Passwords

17 years ago

Can all the active members and people who have logged on in the last month or so, please change their passwords. Nothing to be alarmed about, just someone got hold of a selection of passwords and b

HBH and 2007

17 years ago

On behalf of all the staff at HBH, Happy New Year!. Hope everyone

Help the Zine now.

17 years ago

HellBound Hackers Magazine needs your help! We want the best gfx artists to help create the design for the t-shirts and mousepads. WE want to print off HBH Zine shirt

Hi there everyone! I havnt be

Rooting 2

17 years ago

Rooting 2 is now open to the public. Its a simple challenge just there to give the people will little linux experiance a bit of knowledge with common linux commands. Its worth 50 points because its

We\'ve all been experiancing it. Basically, as HBH grows and grows, it uses more and more mysql resources because its a database driven website. Shared servers arent used to hosting sites of this size

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