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Tech News

Billions of Intel CPUs are leaking passwords.

New Downfall vulnerability targets the Gather Instruction in Intel chips,

Kevin Mitnick dies following cancer battle.

Famed hacker and KnowBe4 part-owner Kevin Mitnick dies following cancer battle.

Malicious PyPI Packages

Malicious PyPI Packages Using Cloudflare Tunnels to Sneak Through Firewalls

Twitter leak exposes 235 million email addresses from hack

Personal emails linked to 235 million Twitter accounts hacked some time ago have been exposed according to Israeli security researcher Alon Gal — making millions vulnerable to having their accounts compromised or identities exposed if they have used the site anonymously to criticize oppressive governments, for instance

Hackers Using Stolen Bank Information to Trick Victims into Downloading BitRAT Malware

Phishing / Social Engineering / Trojan RAT

Data of 42 Million Americans on the Dark Web - Revealed Research

Researchers from Jama Network studied 374 ransomware attacks and found interesting statistics. The attacks analyzed were conducted against U.S. hospitals, clinics, and healthcare delivery firms between 2016 and 2021.