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About Us

Security, privacy and knowledge should be free for everyone, regardless of age or location!

HBH was founded in 2003 as a place to learn how hackers break in, how to protect your systems and a place to share information freely. Now 21 years later HBH is a non-profit with over 150 simulated challenges and virtual machine based labs with real world system and vulnerabilities.

With the new goal of teaching everyone the best practices for security and the new methods and tactics used by black hats, HBH aims to keep you and your team up to date with the latest advances in infosec.

This is the next generation of HBH and it's only made possible by the support of our community, advertisers and sponsors who together help fund the project. All funds raised for HBH are invested back into the project, with our income and outgoings listed publicly to be as open and honest with the community as possible.

Finally, we would like to say thank you for sticking with us for the last 21 years!