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HBH is a non-profit community designed to inform and teach web developers, system administrators and everyone else in between the various methods and tactics used by malicious hackers to access systems and sensitive information. With our hand-on style you will learn the methods and the steps you need to take to protect yourself, from our forum, articles and our simulated security challenges. Learn how hackers break in, and how to keep them out.

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HBH Development Update

We are currently putting the finish touches to the next version of HBH 2.0.16 which is a small update to the site. However, we are also working on HBH version 3.0.0 which will be a huge update to HBH and all our challenges. We will post more information about HBH version 3.0.0 closer to the time of release, however we can say here that no point will be reset!

Welcome to HBH V2

This is a just a short post to welcome you all to the new version and to let you know that we are aware of an issue with the challenges where Lorem Ipsum text is being displayed instead of the correct content for the challenges and hints. Were currently working on resolving the issue and should have it resolved shortly.

HBH V2 Update

I'm pleased to announce that the new version of HBH will be going live at the end of August, with maintenance taking place this weekend (14th August) in preparation for the new version the follow week. The new version of HBH is a full rebuild of HBH with very few new features as the main focus for this new version is a solid base system for us and to keeping as much of the old database content as possible. This has limited features and changes that we wanted to make however once the new version is live, we can move quickly and upgrade or replace big parts of the database letting us add features and clean up some of the hacks which are in place currently.

A few HBH Updates

We have pushed some fixes out to some of the broken challenges. Real7 is now back online! Please check the status page before asking if a challenge is down. We will have some big news about HBH coming soon, If you want to help out with beta testing this big news please let rex_mundi know so we can add you to the list. Any EM members are already on the list :) If you have questions about this big news feel free to post them in the following thread. ~ Mordak

Forward Secrecy & Strict Transport Security

Today we implemented Forward Secrecy in order to improve the security and privacy of HBH. Forward Secrecy "should" make it "impossible" to eavesdrop on data being transmitted from your browser to HBH's servers. We also have Strict Transport Security enabled. You can check the report on our SSL here. The SSL report is provided by Qualys SSL Labs Also we have updated PHP so a few page may be offline, if you find any please report them here. We have also updated the Development page so you can all see what we are working on and things we would like to do. Feel free to post your thoughts on the current projects. Also we have updated the Change Log to reflect these changes. Points for Creating Challenges & Points for Hall of Fame entries have been returned to the accounts that lost them.

Ranking System Changes

Since the points reset, We have had a lot of complaints about administrators being in the top ten on the rankings page. The current Admin staff have been here for a while and had already completed the challenges BUT to keep everyone happy, Administrators will no longer be included in the points rankings and will be unranked in their profiles. On another note Real 15 IS up and running fine. UPDATE: Real 9 an 10 are also now back up. korg

Changes to HBH

All Members Read This! There has been a few changes to HBH over the past few weeks. Here are a list of changes and some reason why: We have removed the old database tables and reset the points. This is due to old and corrupted accounts and no way for other members to get on the score board, Points cannot and will not be reinstated. We have also removed user accounts that haven\'t logged in in over a year. We have two new staff members Euforia33 & rex_mundi they have been a great help to HBH over the years! We also have improved the forum and replaced some old code which should make things faster. Thanks HBH Staff

PHP Upgrade and New Challenges

Due to the recent upgrade in the PHP on the server, Some pages may not display properly and a few challenges will be offline. Basic 26, Real 7, 9 Will be Offline till I get them recoded. Realistic 17 is back up and running. On the other hand, The Application page is completely redone to make it easier to submit your answers. I\'m going to upload a few new challenges to keep everyone occupied while I work on the site. Any bugs you see please submit them, Any Vulnerabilities Pm me them directly. UPDATE: Application 17 by 4rm4g3dd0n released today. UPDATED UPDATE: Stegano 25, 26 and 27 by Euforia33 released also! UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: Mordak has bought HBH a proper SSL Cert. UPDATED UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: HBH Change log is now active. korg

New Challenge Released Today

New Stegano challenge released today! Stegano 24 by shadowls. This is a tough one, Took a while to figure it. So have fun. More on the way. Also bugs fixed in Javascript 5, Real 5 and Tracking 2. Update: Pentest Challenges are back online. Real 7 & 9 are down till further notice Along with Real 17. All other challenges are fixed. If you have any problems submit them as a bug. Exclusive Membership is working again. korg

Bug Updates

Pm And Forum System Fixed For New Members PM system should be working fine now for all new members. If anybody is having problems you can still PM me WITH your username and I\'ll check it out. Forum is also now fixed. Again anyone having problems let me know. New challenges coming soon. korg SSL has now been fixed. ~ Mordak

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U.S. Charges Ukrainian Hacker Over Role in Raccoon Stealer Malware Service

A 26-year-old Ukrainian national has been charged in the U.S. for his alleged role in the Raccoon Stealer malware-as-a-service (MaaS) operation.

Google Pixel screen-lock hack earns researcher $70k

Android security pwned by PUK reset trick

Passport-SAML auth bypass triggers fix of critical, upstream XMLDOM bug

Rapid remedy follows reawakening of long-dormant bug threat

‘LofyGang’ hacking group targets Discord, Disney+ and Minecraft accounts

LofyGang has been found to be linked to more than 200 malicious packages, with thousands of installations throughout 2022. The group, believed to have been operating for more than a year, has multiple hacking objectives, including stealing credit card information and stealing user accounts including Discord Inc. premium accounts, streaming services accounts such as Disney+ and Minecraft accounts.

Hackers have stolen cryptocurrency worth about $570 million from BNB Chain, a blockchain created by cryptocurrency company Binance Holdings Ltd.

Binance operates a popular cryptocurrency exchange that ranks as the world’s largest by trading volume. In 2019, the company launched a blockchain called BNB Chain and a cryptocurrency, BNB, that runs on the blockchain. BNB has an estimated market capitalization of more than $45 billion.

U.S. websites under cyberattack as Russian-speaking hackers take aim

Killnet, a hacking collective, published U.S. state government websites as targets in Russian messages on the tech platform Telegram alongside an image of fire erupting behind the Statue of Liberty accompanied by the captions “USA Offline” and “F*ck NATO.”

Covert CIA websites could have been found by an ‘amateur’, research finds

The CIA used hundreds of websites for covert communications that were severely flawed and could have been identified by even an “amateur sleuth”, according to security researchers. The flaws reportedly led to the death of more than two dozen US sources in China in 2011 and 2012 and also reportedly led Iran to execute or imprison other CIA assets.

Suspected Lapsus$ hackers arrested.

The City of London Police has arrested seven teenagers that are suspected to be involved in the Lapsus$ hacking group. A 16-year-old from Oxford, UK, has also been named by rival hackers and researchers as one of the groups leaders but the police did not say whether he was included in the group that was arrested.