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HBH is a non-profit community designed to inform and teach the various methods and tactics used by malicious hackers to access protected systems and information. The aim of the site is to provided the community a safe a legal place to share information freely and to learn how hackers break in and in turn how to protect your systems.

HBH will not hack any systems and any member of the community who is asking other members to hack system or help in hacking systems will have their account banned, as we only provided the method for you to learn how hackers break into systems so you can protect your own systems.

The site is built with hacking challenges and labs where you can learn the skills needed, however any security issue on the site must be reported to the staff using the issue system. Any member found to exploit security issues on any HBH sites which is outside of the normal tests for confirming security issues will be banned and reported law enforcement and legal agency as required by UK Law.

The rules for the site in general are:

  • Have fun
  • Learn as much as possible
  • Share information freely
  • Report any security issues
  • Report any content which breaks the rules

Remember that the site is free and funded by the community, ads and our staff! So please disable your ad blocker or if not please donate to keep the site online. Due to the site being funded by the community, ads and our staff our finance are publicly viewable month by month. Staff do not get a paycheck at HBH and donate their time to the site, our current goal is to have the site funded each month were staff monetary donations are no longer required. With long term plans being in a position were HBH can hire full time staff to work on the site, challenges, labs, academy, media and events.

Legal rules:

  • do not post links to sites you have hacked / intend to hack
  • do not ask help for hacking sites you have posted a link to
  • do not post threads asking for people to hack something for you
  • do not post any illegal / adult material

Community rules:

  • please keep flamming to a minimum unless its completely deserved
  • do not post answers or spoliers to the challenges
  • frequent spamming on these forums, will result in a ban
  • Keep SK in their place. No spoon feeding information.

Original content Avoid copy and pasting at all costs. An admin might miss it, but the members wont, and before you know it you're swamped with 'poor' votes. Before you start writing, make sure you check to make sure your topic hasn't already been written about. I can't stress this one enough, if it's been written about before, don't go over it again. We must have a thousand 'hack your school' articles, and if I see one more, I'm going on a warn spree.

Presentation Give some thought to the layout, its not that hard. Don't go line break crazy, and don't have one huge block of text. Try and split it into relevant sections and header them appropriately, or at the very least use paragraphs.

Spelling and punctuation This is more important than you think, if I'm reading an article that isn't amazing and I see a spelling mistake it's got me reaching for that decline button. We all have spell checkers, just run it through one, takes 10 seconds max, and makes your article so much nicer to read. You can also get spell checkers for Firefox, and quite possibly most other browsers.

Pace Pace your article(s) well. This is a matter of taste, I know, but if you're taking two paragraphs to explain what could be said as well in 2 lines, people aren't going to want to read on. Equally, if you have an interesting point and you rush it, you will leave people wishing there was more content. Just judge it yourself. Remember, people with a variety of skill levels are going to be reading your article, try to pitch it so that it doesn't leave anyone behind, asleep, or clicking the "poor" option.

You don't necessarily have to write an article all at once. Instead, try writing it in the text editor of your choice, then coming back to it the next day (or any day/time that you feel like it, really) and read it through. If it still sounds good, chances are it's half decent and will be accepted. A lot of people probably think this stuff is all common sense, but it's all too easy to rush an article and end up wasting everyone's time.

I look forward to seeing some improved effort in this area, and some interesting articles to read.

Feedback Okay, so you've finished your piece, and you think it's great (as you should, you pessimist) but you really should have a second, or third (hell, go crazy, four hundred and twentieth) opinion. Get a friend to read it through, and listen to what they say. Make changes if necessary, and see how it goes. Doing this would greatly lower the chances of your piece getting declined.