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Is this Legal?

Of course this website is legal! This website merely teaches what every Internet user and webmaster should know.

In today's modern environment, computers play a crucial role in the running of everyday business. The Internet also forms a backbone to many hobby related and educational needs.

Anyone who runs a important website will confirm how vital online security is. Any online material is under constant threat from identity thieves and malicious criminals.

Thanks to hackers who partake in the full disclosure movement, the majority of websites are updated and patched regularly to stop dangerous individuals from accessing or destroying part(s) of the website.

This website serves as a learning environment for hackers and webmasters who wish to learn how exploits are designed and how to patch them.

The simulated security challenges are there to teach users a variety of things:
Challenge What you learn
Basic - Simple web based programming
Javascript - Javascript programming and techniques (i.e cookies)
Realistic - How web based exploits work
Application - How to exploit and manipulate applications
Encryption - Apply your mind and break easy - hard encryptions
Logical - Apply your mind to solve problems logically
Stegano - The art of hiding information
Other - General computer related skills
Tracking - How to trace IP's based on various situations
Patching - How to patch and secure content from vunerabilties.
Rooting - Basic knowledge in protocals and networks.