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Basic 1

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Is there a specific answer format to follow? I tried different formats of answers and it still does not accept the unix commands

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The commands are easy found using search engine of your choice. if you do the leg work you’ll find the what you need, when you find what you need, you’ll be on the right path to that location, this is where thinking comes in what needs to be removed !<Thinking Required Here>!

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Following on from what @Ce1tic13h0y has said, there’s nothing special about the commands just normal commands you would use day to day.

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Hey hackers anyone there

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Uodhixyd you have posted in the Forum with nothing but a possible Hello. This wastes the flow of the thread, the thread is Basic 1 Help. not a place to say Hello that’s the Shout-box! if you dont know how thing run on here then Lurk a bit, get to know the Etiquette of the place.

you wont get help only Flammed if you act like this…..

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how to do basic challenge 1

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The challenge says:

now the only chance for him to be safe is that you chmod the file to all+execute and delete that file and the other file that tracks people

When thinking about this challenge, I like to approach it in “steps.” The first step is to find the file(s) that need deleting. Once that’s done, I move on to figuring out what might need to be done with those files in order to delete them. Finally, I suss out the common linux commands to do so. If you could narrow down which of those steps you’re having trouble with, we could certainly do a better job of helping you get through the challenge. I will say right off the bat that this isn’t meant to be one that’s too difficult. Once you figure out what needs doing, the solution becomes relatively clear.

Good luck!