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Tech News

Google Pixel screen-lock hack earns researcher $70k

Android security pwned by PUK reset trick

Passport-SAML auth bypass triggers fix of critical, upstream XMLDOM bug

Rapid remedy follows reawakening of long-dormant bug threat

‘LofyGang’ hacking group targets Discord, Disney+ and Minecraft accounts

LofyGang has been found to be linked to more than 200 malicious packages, with thousands of installations throughout 2022. The group, believed to have been operating for more than a year, has multiple hacking objectives, including stealing credit card information and stealing user accounts including Discord Inc. premium accounts, streaming services accounts such as Disney+ and Minecraft accounts.

Hackers have stolen cryptocurrency worth about $570 million from BNB Chain, a blockchain created by cryptocurrency company Binance Holdings Ltd.

Binance operates a popular cryptocurrency exchange that ranks as the world’s largest by trading volume. In 2019, the company launched a blockchain called BNB Chain and a cryptocurrency, BNB, that runs on the blockchain. BNB has an estimated market capitalization of more than $45 billion.

U.S. websites under cyberattack as Russian-speaking hackers take aim

Killnet, a hacking collective, published U.S. state government websites as targets in Russian messages on the tech platform Telegram alongside an image of fire erupting behind the Statue of Liberty accompanied by the captions “USA Offline” and “F*ck NATO.”

Covert CIA websites could have been found by an ‘amateur’, research finds

The CIA used hundreds of websites for covert communications that were severely flawed and could have been identified by even an “amateur sleuth”, according to security researchers. The flaws reportedly led to the death of more than two dozen US sources in China in 2011 and 2012 and also reportedly led Iran to execute or imprison other CIA assets.