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Help us grow

17 years ago

AS you know HBH has come a long long way since december now with almost a 1000 members our community it becoming more and more greater everyday. we have lots of ch


17 years ago

A new competition has been released. A programming challenge to send anonymous emails. Reward could be between 60 - 100 extra points!!!

!!!!! So check the

Ok since no one is posting news, I thought I\'d take the time to let the community know that some of the staff members are currently working on completly recoding the site. This will intern make the s

Hello HBH community. I would just like to say that theonly1 is the first to advertise with HBH. Until the rotating banners work again, this will have to be sufficient for the next couple of days. <

A new application has being made by The_Inferno and we are in need of beta testers you can download the software from here.. after you are done c

Bug Forum

17 years ago

I have made a bug forum for all of the tiny bugs that may come up in this site. Please post them if youve found them. Please do not post any security vulnerabilities in this forum. Report those to


17 years ago

Welcome back everyone, its been a while updating but we fainlly back online after alot of hard work. Over the next few days you\'ll see some changes to the site, after we upload more panels and modifi


17 years ago

Welcome back to HBH, we have updated the site to highten security. If you could all please bare with us until we get the site back up and running!