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Staff Update

19 years ago

Hello HBH, as you may have seen, I havenâ€ââ€ÅÂ


19 years ago

A new programming challenge has been released. It is to program a MD5 hash cracker. The deadline is on 7th May, so get your entries in quick! We are accepting php/vb/c++/java. FOUR more level

Latest Mission News

19 years ago

We now have a whole new set of challenges. Thanks to Xyng and Psychomarine, we have Stegano Challenges, the art of hiding information in plain site. Have fun with the 5 challenges HBH have. We


19 years ago

Hack4u(me) and Detour have a engineering project to do in school on a hot air ballon. We have chose a theme for our ballon and the theme is HBH. We are trying to fit the HBH theme into our ballon as m

As you have may or may not noticed, in the bottom of the profile page the \"Articles by [USERNAME]\" which showed what articles you have submitted and have being published was not working. After some

Fixed Download Section

19 years ago

For all of you who wanted to download programs off of HBH\'s DL section you can now. I have switched the programs to so hopefully it


19 years ago

saw something like this around some site. f

Latest News

19 years ago

As you know we have competitions running constantly, so here is the next one, its worth 100 points, so get programming!!!: Latest Competition To those wh

HBH Abusers

19 years ago

Recently there have been people hacking our site in hopes of deleting all the files or just plain destroying us. We don\'t understand why though. We allow you to hack the games we make, and hack ou