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HellBoundHackers / HellBoundSecurity Convention 07 details: Dates: Saturday 28th July 07 - HBHCon v2 Sunday 29th July 07 - socializing, chi


15 years ago

Basic 19 has now been released officially. This challenge was made by system_meltdown Basic 18 is also up, after a f

You may have seen the "Down for maintence" notice on all pages. This doesnt usally happen where HBH has to close down for a day to do maintence and tweaks, but this time the tweaking and mod

HBH Competition

15 years ago

This will be the largest and most rewarded competition HBH has ever had! Challenge: Design and code a new feature for HBH you think will improve HBH.

HBH is Back

15 years ago

Very sorry for the downtime. Apparently HBH was on a server under the LayeredTech control. So the kind people decided to delete HBH without making backups. So it took me 3 days to convince them to act


15 years ago

HBH Update

15 years ago

1. Forums, Shoutbox, Comments now all have a new filter. You will not be able to post in any of these services until you have completed Basic 1, and atleast one other challenge on HBH. S

HBH PodCasts

15 years ago

You want more from you friendly neighborhood HBH? Well here it is...HBH

Change Passwords

15 years ago

Can all the active members and people who have logged on in the last month or so, please change their passwords. Nothing to be alarmed about, just someone got hold of a selection of passwords and b