Welcome to HBH V2 ! If you had an account on hellboundhacker.org you will need to reset your password using the Lost Password system before you will be able to login.


Comming Soon

16 years ago

3 items on the menu this month. 1) HBH jIRC to be used onsite within HBH. Currently its in beta testing for Exclusive Members, and once the bugs are fixed we will release it to all members.

PM System

16 years ago

UPDATE: PM System should now work. Any bugs, please report them using the \"Report Bug\" link on the left. Thank you for your patience.

New Challenges

16 years ago

As ever working HBH staff we have produced 3 new challenges for our members. A new other, a new basic, and a BRAND NEW CATEGORY! Click on Read More for details.

Quick EM Update

16 years ago

I\'ve made this a news post as we\'ve had several people asking the same question. Exclusive Membership will be avaible via paypal again. We are in the process of coding a paypal API that will auto


16 years ago

Hi guys and girls, for those of you who noticed my adsence, I\'m back from holiday and now resuming my position at HBH. We also have some tasty updates heading your way too. Such as interviews and

HBH Tables Lost

16 years ago

You may have noticed HBH was down and logins may have been lost. Click read more for more details and what to do if you have lost an account. -only_samurai

Seems theres a crisis every fourtnight with this website! We\\\'ll get there in the end though, what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger aye! We\'re back now. Hope everyone had a fantastic week

As mentioned in previous news, you can now subscribe to Exclusive Membership using your mobil

Can't Reach HBH?

16 years ago

I\'m sure a good number of you have been unable to reach HBH over the last 24 hour or so. This is due to only_samruai (server security manager) developing security scripts to counter these DDoS attack