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We\'ve got another exciting competition here at HBH hosted by Futility. The purpose is to take a given image and use it to create an interesting and unique signature. The winners will be given challen

HBH Python Competition

14 years ago

That\'s right folks, we have another competition going on. This one is a python optimizing challenge and is hosted by our friend ynori7. The competition details can be found here:

For all you members who didn\'t notice, We have a new competition going on. That\'s right, Now\'s your chance to design a HBH logo for new and upcoming merchandise. Contest information and deadlines

As a lot of you may have seen, -cL created a PHP optimization competition with the help of fellow admin, jjbutler88. The results are in (yes they were posted in the forum). First place: system_melt

Unfortunately both of these features have been lost in the roll back. I may try and get round to redoing them, however the My Threads feature took a long time and there are no back

For those of you who are unaware, there is a competition running currently, it involves taking a PHP script (badly coded) and optimizing it to the best of your ability, the lower your \"score\" is on

HBH Bot 2.0

14 years ago

As most of you have probably already realized, Futility has taken it upon himself to improve the quality of help that you get here on HBH. He realized that the old bot was difficult to use and, as a

As you may have noticed the news disappeared today, but don\'t worry it\'s all back now, root_op made a mistake when changing the news around and it ended up breaking the news altogether! But have no

THE Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people\'s personal computers without a warrant. The move, which follows a decision by the Europe