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HBH Updates

15 years ago

Had a glitch in the website recently and a complication with the hosts. But dont fear its all sorted now. We\'re doing some major security updates on HBH at the moment, but it may take some time to

April Fools!

15 years ago

Each year HBH usally does a little practical joke with the site on april fools. so here is

New HBH Competition

15 years ago

Heres the latest one! Create a HBH PodCast on any computer related topic you want. Winner will recieve a free t-shirt with free shipping, and an additional 100 points to their profile! Click rea

Just a quick note

15 years ago

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know sigs in the forums are now restricted to 130px height. so if your sig is one of those really big ones, then you might want to edit it so it will be disp

Account Activation

16 years ago

Registration now works, if you have recently signed up but are unable to login. Please re-register with your details as they were not being stored in the database. Sorry for the inconvience.

after a long wait (sorry i\'ve been very busy laterly) here are the results: folk theory - hbh favicon - 20 points turbocharged_06 - designed part of the RSS feed for hbh - 2 months EM + 40 points

Here are the results for the weekends competition: Spyware - 180 [WINNER] Mozzer - 125 mastergamer - 125 V1P3R - 100 darksun - 15 revolt0163 - 15 mikispag - 15 Also, basic 20 is now

Welcome Back!!

16 years ago

Welcome back to HellBoundHackers.org / HellBoundSecurity.org.
We were closed during the weekend due to a big upgrade and adding new features. Those of you who were lucky enou

HBH will be closed for a whole 48 hours. This is due to HBH re-coding several areas, securing the site, installing new features, adding modifications to the site and adding the competition submissions