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Stegano 18!

16 years ago

A new stegano challenge, created by god, has been released. Somewhere within the site, a message is hidden, no more info will be given out. Good luck!

You may notice several error messages appearing around the website. Theres still some tweaking that needs to be done in reference to server configuration. We\'ll work on that over the weekend and n

Well, I\'ll tell you where! HBH went into hiding for a couple of days, unexpectedly... but only to emerege twice as strong! Thats right members, breathe it in.... you can almost taste the dedicated se

Todays Development

16 years ago

Just a quick update to let you know whats been done on HBH.

  • Real10 fixed
  • Real7 fixed
  • JS 4 fixed
  • Shoutbox fixed
  • Downloads fixed
  • Web links


16 years ago

Well, as you can see the site\'s back up, and a lot faster! This is down to some backend development that\'s gone on all day. A complete reassessment of the way things run and are processed has taken


16 years ago

We all know the drill. Having two conflicting stories for this downtime. Hosts telling me one thing, other members telling me another. I\'m more inclinded to believe the hosts, but i\'ll leave it up t

UPDATE: It\'s my birthday today!!! So i havnt had any time at all until now to get hbh backup. Very sorry for how long its taken, but a very busy weekend obvioulsy. Might of been down due to so

Community Points?

16 years ago

HBH has a new feature: Community Points.