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As we do every year, HBH hosts a small hacking and security convention in Brighton UK. This year the event will be held on Saturday 26th July 2008. Tickets will be on sale for £15. It will be a

Tracking 2

15 years ago

Well, i promised didn\'t i? Tracking 2 is fixed now, althou there might be some bugs in the code so if it won\'t work for you then please submit it as a bug and i\'ll see if i can fix it permanentl

Its a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Competition, which should prove quite fun for you to play around with, and a great learning opportunity. System_meltdown won this competition. Reaching num

\'Nanoprism As you know, we currently only sell awesome T-s

New Competition

16 years ago

As you may or may not know, -cL is organizing a designing competition, for more information on it, click here.

Realistic 7 fixed.

16 years ago

Well people, some of you have waited for it a long time now but today Realistic 7 finally got fixed! Also, don\'t forget to check out system\'s new creation on Realistic 17. Have fun! ~root_op

Challenge Points

16 years ago

Some of you may notice you now have no points in your profile. If this is the case, please click read more for further information.

Forum Voting System

16 years ago

\'secureThe forum voting system is now live. In certain forums you should now see two small symbols. These are your ne


16 years ago

1) Forgotten Password Function I get several emails about this, so I will clear this up once and for all!! 2) Password tips Suggestions about your current password and hbh account.