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Programming Articles

Introduction to Programming I: Installation

Python, Ruby, C, C++ and Java.

5 years ago 145975 Reads
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PySerial and serial devices

I show examples how to read and write data to serial devices

11 years ago 23309 Reads
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Classes in PHP 5

In this article I'll teach you the basics of classes in PHP

11 years ago 8088 Reads
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Windows registry Using C++ and Win32 API

An article on functions used to work with Windows Registry u

11 years ago 25921 Reads
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C/C++ Memory structs, objects and unions.

Provides a bit more in-depth look at the memory management o

11 years ago 9124 Reads
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Using PHP's GD library

A short introduction to using the GD library with PHP to gen

12 years ago 5602 Reads
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Selecting Your First Programming Language

If you are stuck wondering were to start in your programming

12 years ago 229115 Reads
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Python GUI Programming

A introduction to programming GUI apps in Python with the Tk

12 years ago 25420 Reads
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ASM Commands and Registers - Basics for Cracking

its basic & might help newbies in cracking HBH application c

13 years ago 19318 Reads
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Introduction to Multiple Layered Architecture

Introduction to Multiple Layered Architecture

13 years ago 4034 Reads
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[C++] Advance concept, Linked List

Utilizing pointer concept to turn in to neat data structure.

13 years ago 5806 Reads
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PHP Integration: Reusable HTML

Somewhere between accurate web design and intermediate PHP k

13 years ago 8129 Reads
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Using Python's HTMLParser class

A quick intro on parsing web pages in python

13 years ago 51020 Reads
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Advanced C++ Pointer(2)

multi dimensional pointer allocation and accessing member of

13 years ago 8601 Reads
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Advanced C++ Pointer(1)

arguably most difficult concept in C++ or Object Oriented pr

13 years ago 9121 Reads
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Java file Input

How to use file input with java.

13 years ago 4430 Reads
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