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Tech News

Microsoft DRM music hack

Microsoft is working on closing a loophole that creates a means to strip usage restriction from music files wrapped in its DRM technology. A program called FairUse4WM, recently posted on the internet, allows users to bypass Microsoft\'s Digital Rights Management (DRM) system.

HSBC online banking "seriously flawed"?

A research team at Cardiff univercity, (a place renouned for technology students) claims to had a breakthrough and hacked one of the largest online banking systems in the United Kingdom. How did they do it? They havnt released full details yet, but we know a keylogger was involved and then the account has a maximum of 9 access attempts before its breached. They came across this \"weakness\" when researching into online banking security.

To All HellBoundHackers

To All HellBoundHackers: I\'d been hoping to post a bunch more of these, but Im guessing thats not gonna happen, so Ill give you one last newspost. HellBoundHackers has always been a place of hope and inspiration for the thousands of members that come here everyday. People from all around the world come here to get to know others with similar interests. To learn about how computers work, to ask questions and gain knowledge. What makes this a crime? HellBoundHackers is a community no different to any other. Recently, it appears that the UK/US government hasnt been liking the idea of free-thinking individuals, namely hackers in this case. It started with them wanting to hand out ASBO equivilents without needing evidence. Now theyve gone as far as wanting to arrest mr cheese and take down hbh. HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GONNA TAKE THIS? If you care for HBH and Mr Cheese, read on.

Feds Arrest HOPE Speaker

Steven Rambam, the owner and CEO of Pallorium Inc, was arrested by the FBI at HOPE Six, only moments before he was to lead a panel discussion. He was to lead a panel discussion on privacy, when four men in blue suits walked in, asked him if he was armed, put him in handcuffs, and led him away. The FBI has confirmed these were their agents, but refuse to give any details. According to washingtonpost.com, he is being charged with \"witness tampering and obstruction of justice in an ongoing government case against a former Brooklyn assistant district attorney who was indicted for money-laundering.\"


Hacktivismo, a subdivision of cDc (cult of the dead cow), has released a \"HACKTIVIST WEAPON\". As promised, they announced the release of ScatterChat at HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth convention) this weekend. ScatterChat is an open source application \"designed to allow non-technical human rights activists and political dissidents to communicate securely and anonymously while operating in hostile territory.\"* The instant message client is based on Gaim software, and provides end-to-end encryption, onion-routing with Tor, aswell as secure file transfers. Pick up your copy at scatterchat.com

Asbo Equivalent Planned For UK Hackers

The Home Office has proposed a new order, which could give police and the courts the power to give suspected hackers and spammers the equivalent of an Asbo (anti-social behaviour order). The order, known as the Serious Crime Prevention Order, is intended to help fight rising cybercrime levels, and will enable civil courts to impose the orders on individuals, even if they haven\'t been proven guilty, or worse, convicted of a crime. This only applies to the UK, for now at least.