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Tech News

Google denies FBI interest in Gmail

The search firm\'s denial came after the Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI seeking information about whether the bureau was considering the \"possible use of Google\'s Gmail service for law enforcement and intelligence investigations.\" EPIC, which gave an award last week to a California state senator who is trying to ban Gmail, announced the request immediately after Google said it was filing for an initial public offering.

Good news to London Residents

The City of London, one of the biggest financial centres in the world, is to be provided with comprehensive wireless coverage over the entire area. The aim is to make the Square Mile the biggest wireless zone in Europe. Once installed, the WiFi network will allow anyone in the City to access the Internet using their laptops or wireless PDA devices.

So, great news for all your london hackers. Free internet + very high anonymity!!

FBI Want A Backdoor In All Software

The FBI has asked several companies to start including FBI only backdoors into their software and hardware. Not only is this a massive unnesisary invasion of privacy, but its also a goldmine for malisious hackers. This is invasion of privacy is deffinatly USA residents should be worried about. To view more information click here.


Yep, thats right folks, google has finally released the name of there new upcomming OS. It will be a modded \"Ubuntu\" which they like to call \"Goobuntu\". And from what i\'ve heard AOL is sponcering! Will they be spamming out disks like AOL disks? In my oppinion, probably. The beta of \"Goobuntu\" and other information is still under wraps but they said to expect a beta soon. Read more here

Hackers in Britain

Well, until the hacker news is in place I beleave this deserves to be said.. Hackers in Britain hacked a very well used train station and the results were truly fatal. The alleged hackers got a list of social security numbers and every other bit of information on every worker at a very well used and known train station. Using the information they extracted almost 22 thousand Euro. thats almost 26.2 thousand USD. The hackers amazingly remained anonymous and the government is just now going into investigation. This sort of media attention is what gives hackers a bad name, but then again shows how much the world of hackers knows. make sure to comment.

$100 laptops,

The \'Green Machine\' a nick name for the new laptop created by MIT (Masichusis Institute of Technology) which will only cost $100 . This Laptop, which features a 500MHz processor and only 1Gb of memory but with 4 USB ports and a built in Networking Card has been hailed a God send by many chatiry agencies because of its massive implications in not only the education of these children, but helping to make sure they are not forgotten by keeping them up to date with modern technology to provide them a future. Another feature many of you will love is the fact that because of cost and hardware issues it will run on linux[ As it\'s free and uses less system resources.] and obivously they massive amount of small linux distros means its ideal for such a simple laptop. Unfortunatly this laptop will not be availible unless you live in a 3rd world( developing) country as it wont be up for sale.