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Windows XP Tweaks Articles

Using Templates in C++

A basic tutorial on using templates in C++

13 years ago 9145 Reads
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Changing Xp logon screen

The real way to edit and change your XP logon and shutdown s

14 years ago 11051 Reads
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SMTP injection

About injection of commands into SMTP

14 years ago 12290 Reads
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Evading Anti Virus Detection

Learn how to hide your trojans, backdoors, etc from anti vir

14 years ago 20069 Reads
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making a portable version of your fave apps

Just like the title says.

14 years ago 6953 Reads
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A different way of getting system

This is a different method of becoming system. It creates a

15 years ago 4406 Reads
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Windows XP Pro Security: The Essentials

If you are running Windows XP, you need to read this!

15 years ago 12848 Reads
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10 reason NOT to get Windows Vista

The title says it all!

15 years ago 6011 Reads
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Customizing your XP look

In this Article, ill show you how to customize the look of X

15 years ago 10248 Reads
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RAMdisk as temp folder

In this Article, youll find out how to use your RAMdisk as a

15 years ago 9835 Reads
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Limiting Windows accounts

In this article we will learn how to restrict users\&#39

16 years ago 5367 Reads
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Making Hidden User Accounts

You can make an account hidden so that no one knows it exist

16 years ago 5437 Reads
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tips for xp.

16 years ago 4081 Reads
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tricks for your XP box.

16 years ago 4481 Reads
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Ways To Speed Up Windows XP

Make your life with XP a little less frustrating! maybe? :P

16 years ago 5318 Reads
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Create an Admin account through utilman.exe on Windows XP

A user can create an Administrator account on a local machin

16 years ago 16034 Reads
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