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Thats my second edition of my guide.. Be aware and make a backup of your box!!!

Tweak EIGHT: XP has a function called DLLs(Dynamic-Link Libraries).Is still using your RAM even when the applications is stopped.To disable it,open run type regedit and open [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer] there create a new Dword value called 'AlwaysUnloadDLL' and set it to default value of "1" to disable DLL,then restart.. Tweak NINE: NTFS has a function called "timestamps"is not important so you can disable that.Open run type regedit and go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem" there find 'NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate' if you dont have it,create one and set the value to 1.. Tweak TEN: For this tweak you will need at least 512ram. Opne run,type regedit and open\"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Memory Management\" there double click \"DisablePagingExecutive\" and set it to \"1\" decimal.Then double click the \"LargeSystemCache\" and set it to \"1\" decimal.rebbot and watch your box how is flying!!:) Tweak ELEVEN: This tweak is about services.some of them are risky and others are just wasters of resources. Alerter=disable it Background Intelligent Transfer Service=disable it COM+ Event System=disable it Distributed Link Tracking Client=disable it Distributed Transaction Coordinator=disable it Error Reporting Service=disable it Help and Support=disable it Human Interface Device Access=disable it Indexing Service=disable it Logical Disk Manager=disable it Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service=disable it Messenger=disable it MS Software Shadow Copy Provider=disable it Net Logon=disable it NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing=disable it NT LM Security Support Provider=disable it Performance Logs and Alerts=disable it Portable Media Serial Number=disable it Print Spooler=note:if you have a printer leave that automatic,if you dont disable it QoS RSVP=disable it Remote Desktop Help Session Manager=disable it Remote Registry=disable it(its very risky thats disable it right now!) Removable Storage=disable it System Event Notification=disable it TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper=disable it Telephony=disable it Telnet=disable it Uninterpretable Power Supply=(if you have ups leave that,if you dont disable it) Universal Plug and Play Device Host=disable it Upload Manager=disable it NOTE:some of these services maybe are already disable it.there are more but for now with these we are dealing. Tweak TWELVE: If you dont fancy the colors in XP then you can change them to windows classic,this way the speed of your box is increased.Here is how:Right click "My Computer" and choose properties then click on the advanced tab, and then performance settings. You now are now in the visual effects tab, check adjust for best performance, and uncheck every squared box you see starting from "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, all the way down. Now reboot and see the differences..

I hope you like it,if you do i`ll continue to give more tips.thanks:) pm if you need something…bb

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korg 16 years ago

Again old news check my post under tweaking guide one for 400 or more tips;)