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just a starting conversation. so far i’ve redirected the output, using a pipe.. that was a joke.

update [a week later] : so from what i can see: everybody that’s read this post must be doing alright on this!

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One thing I meant to make more clear but sort of got lost in the translation to the live system: while it is possible to run these challenges locally, it is also possible (even desired!) to solve all three without ever doing so. The output displayed on the hbh challenge page is functionally equivalent to what you would get by running the downloaded binary with your username. The ultimate goal is to introduce interesting new binary challenges that can’t just be solved by dropping a breakpoint and picking the most “passwordy” value you see. I feel like these first three softly introduce the concepts required to eventually get to this goal, but the line dividing them from the already-established application challenges is more blurry than I’d intended.

Feedback is always appreciated