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Basic 1 - How to format answer

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Hello, I am working on the basic challenges again and since I’m familiar with the old challenges, this one is bugging me a lot. I found the names of the files, but I cannot format the answer correctly for the life of me. Is the “$” at the beginning of each line still a thing? I remember that being relevant in the old version of the question but now nothing is working whatsoever. How is the answer for this challenge supposed to be formatted? I’ve also tried chmod with both letter and number arguments, any help would be appreciated

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No the $ at the start of each command has been removed as it wasn’t needed and just confused people more. The anwser from the old site should still work you would just need to remove the $ from the start of each commands.

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I think not only I want to know tho things

  1. u removed $ sign from the challenge did u also remove additional directory of files which was needed in previous version of challenge?
  2. is the log file the same in the previous form of challenge or did it change ?