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BASIC 12: Cain and Abel Dictionary not found

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Hi guys, ive been stuck on this challenge for a while now…decided to go watch some tutorials on how to go about it. Learnt about using JTR on DES but when i try to run tthe following terminal command:

john hash_passwd.txt –wordlist=Dictionary/Cain\ and\ Abel.dic

I get an error that says:

fopen: Dictionary/Cain and Abel.dic: No such file or directory

Is there something im doing wrong, or something i dont know about installing and/or using dictionaries. Thank you.

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You need to use the full path to your wordlist so JTR knows where to find it.


–wordlist=/usr/share/Dictionary/CainandAbel.dic   So it'll be like one of those two, depending on your OS and the location of your .dic file.

Also check out the tutorials section of HBH's articles as there should be a decent guide for JTR in there written by korg (RIP).