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[SPOILR WARNING] [SPOILR WARNING] [SPOILR WARNING] ok so I don't understand two things in this challenge.

1.) Why are numbers used to show columns ?

2.) How come the database name is ************ ?

Usually column names are like "name,city,phone,country"

If the column names were realistic and a non standard database name was used, would this challenge still be able to be solved in the way it was solved now ? How would it be approached if it was not ?

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1.. You need to know how many columns there are, before you can UNION them, that's why you use ORDER by.

2.. It's not the database name you're looking forr, It's the table name, and it's given that name,  because that's what is stored in it.

3.. You'd substitute the real column names for the numbers in a real situation.

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thanks, but how'd you find the real column names in a real situation ?