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Basic 1 and Tor Browser *Spoiler*

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Hey folks, I recently decided to try using Tor browser and also to go through the basic challenges I have already done as a refresh.

Unfortunately, although I know what the password is, I cannot seem to locate the clue for Basic 1 in the source as it appears that some information is missing. Any other browser I use shows the clue but I seem unable to find the right setting to change to allow Tor to display all available information. I've hunted for an answer to this to no avail.

Can anyone explain to me why Tor shows limited information in the source or point me in the direction of information I can use to change this.


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Basically you're not looking at the actual source but a cleaned-up version of it, Tor's probably using some built in devtools.

Add "view-source:" to the url and it'll bypass that.