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Basic Web Hacking 18

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This is about Basic Web Hacking 18 :

I read all the SQL injection tutorials in this site and all the posts in the forum concerning Basic Web Hacking 18. I googled some articles about b**SQLI. The common point in all these articles is that some characters are injected to see if the site is vulnerable or not . For example like:

?id=2 and 1=2 ?id=2 and 1=1



I tried many combinations to get the vulnerability , like in the above four examples, but I did not succeed : it only says "invalid article"

So I would like to know what I am missing . Any help would be appreciated


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You already know it's vulnerable, move on to the next step and try to exploit it.

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Ignore the part about it being blind, and follow the steps used in 'normal' error based sql injection .

it only says "invalid article"

There's a reason for that.