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frustrated with this token, Each time I try to access the page, I ether get 405 not allowed or 419 expired - Im using PHP CURL and anyone who successfully did this, can you please help me with some pointers or look at my code and see what the hell is going on ?

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This is why for V3 we will have the Challenges API to remove this complexity. However for now the I scape the page and pull the CSRF token from the header or the form, both methods will work as its the same token.

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Hahah PHP ….. everyones grandads favourite coding language.

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With Python to get the token you’d just feed it a regular expression telling it what to look for:

token = re.findall(’[A-Za-z0-9]{40}’, r.text)

Does cURL not just save your token in the Cookiejar ?

Maybe try enabling cookie handling in the cURL request using CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR and CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE. if you haven’t already.

Also send me your code if you’re still having problems , and then I can run it on my end and see the problems for myself.