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tracking 2

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I've found the host & country but the page doesn't except my answer. Can someone help me? Maybe give me the number of characters?

Also, it's weird that I didn't find the information I needed in a firefox browser, but I did find it when I used google chrome. Weird !

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npm ERR!
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Man, as for the other challenges (app and flash according to your forum posts), you don't have the right answer.

Talking about gathering information for this challenge… well, you can do it with any kind of browser, even with links from your terminal, seriously.

I suggest you to read a bit more about IP Address Lookup thumbs up

P.S.: Be aware that you need the IP address of the attacker (you can use any browser for this task)

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The only challenges that are down are Realistic 8 and pen Test 1, and both will spit out an error message that tells you when they are down, with a link where it can be reported.

If a challenge says your submitted answer is incorrect, then it probably is. thumbs up