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Challenge States/Parts

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We have added a state/part system to basic 1 which saves your state in the challenge, so now you get feedback from the challenge so if you have one of the command correct it will show that after you submit the form. This system will allow use to roll out part/state tracking to other challenges providing a better experience and allowing you to keep your state so if you get stuck and leave the page the state/part will be saved.

We have added this to system Basic 1 currently, please test out this challenge, so we can get some matrices from the challenge to ensure the system is working correctly before we roll this system out to other challenges on the site. If you have any feedback on the system please post here.


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I naturally came across this last night. Fantastic system.

Looking at the challenge before trying it I was thinking. ‘Great, all the errors in syntax I make we can just give it a ^3 in tries’.

I was very happy to see last two boxes appear green before noticing the wrong file name in the top one.