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Computers have been my obsession for quite a few years now. Self taught and essentially in my own world. Where I'm from there's not a whole lot of people that can hold a conversation with me. Annoying.

Recently I decided to break out of my little bubble and view areas that I would consider elite. In the world of cyber security you have to be elite, so naturally something I'm exploring. This site has proven to be exceptionally valuable in providing areas of exploration I have not considered. Thank you for providing this site. After I become more familiar with this space, I hope to be able to contribute back. Until then, keep up the good work!

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Cheers. Welcome to HBH man. thumbs up

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Wow, it's nice to read these words man !

I'm glad that you like this website so much and trust me, you will love it even more in the near future ;)

Looks like you are doing some good progresses, I'm sure you will be a valuable member for this community thumbs up

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Right on. I'll probably be tackling the challenges again next week. I've been doing a lot of research and trying to get my head in the game. It's extremely fascinating and I think it's making me a better developer over all.