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Linux and JTR

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Hey everyone, just decided to download Linux today and while I was at it grabbed JTR as well. Well, after I figured out how to download it, etc, I went to run the program when I got this error message:

Error in john.conf at line 432

Now me being new to Linux and everything (just an fyi, yes I downloaded Ubuntu -heard it was easier to learn lol) I'm not sure why this is happening, and when I googled the issue nothing really came up.

I also decided to check out the file to see what was at line 432 and found this:

[Incremental:All15] .include [Incremental:All] <—this being line 432 MaxLen = 5

Now, if this is actually of any help, I have 0 clue. I'm just going to try and download it over again and hope it works….

Otherwise….does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?

Update: Fixed the issue. Not sure what the probem was but it's working now

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Glad we could help.