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DHCP Error

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I work in Tech Support for a Communication Company. I get a lof of calls where customers can not connect to the internet.

I get a lot that cannot pull a DHCP IP address from the router. They pull the default Microsoft 169.254 address. Most of the time other computers attached to the same router work fine. Which points to the computer as the problem.

The first thing I do is: ipconfig /renew Then I get the DHCP error to the effect: DHCP request timed out cannot communicate with DHCP server.

I usualy reboot the computer and router, still doesn't work.

I ensure the DHCP service is turned on in Administrative Tools>Services> DHCP client. Still doesn't work.

I try: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt To reinstall/reset the TCP/IP then reboot and still the computer won't pull and DHCP IP from the router.

I also somtimes reboot into safe mode thinking that sometimes a security programs like Norton, or MaAfee's firewall are blocking the DHCP, this usually does not work either.

Any ideas on what elese I can try, short of reinstalling the operating system.

I get a lot of these call every day, I was just wondering if anyone out there new something about it.

Thanks for the help.

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Don't use DHCP. Put in a Static IP and use OpenDNS servers (not that the DNS servers will matter, but it'll speed up page load times a bit)

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Sometime I do assign a static IP address when they are NATed behind a router, but other times the router we provide them doesn't do NAT (so basically it's just a MODEM). So their computer needs to pick up our automatically assigned IP. I could put in Open DNS server addresses, but they still need to pull an IP from out DHCP server.