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Thumbdrive Database Software

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Hello, good people.

I have not an issue so much as a need.

I have several (Like, more than 20)thumb drives with combined storage totaling in excess of 512GB.

Since I'm not one to throw good money after bad, I've long ago purchased my last rotating HDD. Solid state is the way to go for SO many reasons….

I need to make a database of all files on these drives, and this database needs to be indexed and tied to a photo of the drive.{trust me, using a picture is the best way}

There is already an obscure program [AllThings] which I use to index my super-large rotating HDD's, and it ALMOST does exactly what I want here as well, but it is unsuitable for this exact task.

I have just fewer than 20 rotating HDD's and in Winblowz, for instance, the drive naming scheme allows for each drive to have a unique letter written in ink, right on the manufacturer label. Even though Winblowz naming scheme applies only to that machine (so it's not like UUID, even though it RELIES on UUID to fuck up what it DOES fucking try to do:o)I can use the DB on any machine, and if I want to find, say, some old research, I type in the date and all files/folders created/modified on that date appear from the DB, with the letter written in ink on the rotating HDD. Obviously, this saves countless plugging/unplugging, spinning up, searching, stress on plugs/cords/cables/connectors….I'm sure I need not explain how much of a WHORE SATA cables/connectors can be. I've had to throw three rotating HDD's into the microscope recovery pile already. At 5TB, that's going to be one hell of a party. Only with the thumb drives, there are way too many to use any singl-char-based naming scheme, and the thumb drives don't like markers. But they do like hot needles just fine.

Anyway, I need to find/build a program which is simple enough to be cross-platform [including iOS/'Droid…fuck Winblows Mobile or anything microdick-softpud]runs on simple text-based database files, has an encryption feature, has the capability to use the drives' UUID to differentiate it, has the option of taking/using a photo or other custom graphic file as an icon to represent the drive, can be installed as a permanent or portable application, has a bluetooth component [for phone storage]and can also be used with iCloud and Google Drive.

I realize such a thing probably does not exist, and I will likely have to write one; so don't anybody break your back looking for it. But I'd hate to do it and find out later someone else already did it and fucked it up the exact same way I did. Like Glass Notepad. I worked on Plex Pad for YEARS only to discover it was an also-failed also-ran from day one.

A simple question to the most resourceful people I knew could have saved me a LOT of trouble.

It is with all this in mind that I ask: Is there already a program like Airdroid crossed with AllThings including Google Drive/iCloud access AND organization [you'd FINALLY be able to sort cloud-based storage by file/folder size]as well as picture-based icons?

Thank you.

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Really cool find! Of course, it lacks cloud functions/access, but I like how it uses the volume serial, rather than Winblowz retarded naming scheme. Good lookin' out, man!