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locating attacker

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I ve beem probably recently hacked and I was wondering if I can locate attecker somehow I am really noob so pls answer me or direct to article

i am using win 10 home

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what makes you think that?

it may be too late to do anything?

frist thing turn logs on in routers settings, but then you need to understand all that information.

there is no one answer. several steps may be

as for articles do what i do search them, and the form post you need to go through the muck too find the brass.

hit me back with pm if you need!

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My server gets scanned 100's of times a day.

Most of the ips in the logs are proxies as you'd except, and only about 5-10% of them link back to a real server where the scans originate from, but almost all of those have been compromised and the scripts/tools have just been left there by someone to carry out automated scans.

Less than 1% of them trace back to an IP that you could quote in a complaint to the ISP who owns it. So if I was you I wouldnt hold my breath waiting on my revenge.

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u can laugh at me but i have really no idea how it works I thought that there is sth like logs directory in which system ( Windows in my case ) stores every connection ( like in hacknet game for example ) I also have also firewall installed maybe this is the answer for my question ?