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Encryption 4, finding spaces.

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I started trying to decipher encryption 4. There's not a lot of help out there but they tell you its based on a number system, personally it kind of looks binary. But I'm stuck so I have no idea. I read an article that hinted to search for space characters so I tried to divide the lines in different sectors.

So I divided in 2 ways, first one I divided in what I think is 1 character. Then I got a total of 11 different characters which fits in to our number system we got today but with a space character, '0-9 '. I also tried to divide the sentence with 2 characters, then I got more what looks like words but no type of number system. With a total of 12 characters, but 5 never repeating so I'm a bit skeptical to this division.

I counted up all these random characters and did a frequency analysis. I now tried to divide the message with the most frequent character as a space to see what I got. I got this for the single char: * spoiler * and this for the double chars: * spoiler *

Now this is where I'm stuck, am I on the right track? Could someone give me a hint please?

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The second one using the double chars is the way to proceed.

Start by working out what the smallest words are, and then it's all pretty easy from there.

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I also solved this by using frequency analysis and guessing the 12 characters. Still, knowing the answer, I cannot unriddle the ups and downs... Why do I not see the pattern here? It should be possible to decode 4 bits at a time, right? I see the difference between 0000 and 0010. But this pattern does not comply with the other combinations...

Anyone have a good explanation for this?

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it is basically in binary. the only thing you need to decode is how to decipher the image itself by looking at black and white.

I know the hint says up or down.. think about it.. up is on. down is off.. there you go..

I know the image may look tricky but the binary string is actually longer than the image itself. so think real carefully on how the lines go along the screen. down,up,down,up,down,up,up,up...down,up,up,down,down,up,down,up ... so on.. this is my only hint to get you going :)