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WAEC scoresheet 2015 - Javascript Code Bank

WAEC scoresheet 2015
We were notify that on the 24 of July 2015, 12:00 GMT Midnight WAEC changed the source of the scoresheet because they notify on their server that there were penetration to their database, we notify that the hacker entered the server with naked IP and because of that it was notify on their monitoring server, and also has changed the back-end server and because of the change of the back-end server, user who used the latest tools had their result not reflecting on the internet due date, users should hide their IP and also hack in the midnight, the hacker who IP was get traced entered the server on day time, users should notice that at Midnight monitoring severs are in safemode and that is the good time for hackers. Ghana WAEC scoresheet link ghana.waecdirect.org/admin/results/scoresheet.php Will display 404 error messages because of the back-end server changed
                We were informed that WAEC nigeria ,WAEC ghana and WAEC liberia has changed their link to their scoresheet, and therefore users who used the new software exploit for Wassce  result are not reflecting on the internet on the given date,because of the back-end database server changed, we had  confirmed that the hack it pro 2014 is stronger and therefore is working, 
We were confirmed from nigeria that hack it pro with Brutus work correctly and therefore users should use Hack it pro 2014 and Brutus 2000 version. Because of the back-end server changed hack it pro with brutus will take 8 months to change Warning: updates this software in your browser before hacking a results.
1. Firebug
2. Hackbar
3.Tamper data 
4. Self destruction cookies
5. Hide my IP address
6.QR code
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stegood 7 years ago

Please, how can I have a copy of hack it pro 2014?