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Simple button class - ActionScript Code Bank

Simple button class
A simple class for button animation, providing mouse over to play animation and will \"rewind\" on mouse out. Don\'t forget your stop(); at the beginning and end of the animation which are the \"constraints\" .
Providing you already have a actionscript library selected 
copy it to the \"com/p4plus2\", remember to save it as 
Buttons.as(capital B matters)  if your action script 
directory is not set up I plan to write a article later for that
 when I have time :)

Right click symbol and select linkage
Check \"export for actionscript\"
For AS2 class type \"com.p4plus2.Buttons\"

class com.p4plus2.Buttons extends MovieClip{
	var rev = false;
	function Buttons(){

		this.onRollOver = this.over;

		this.onRollOut = this.out;

	function over(){

		rev = false;

	function out(){


		rev = true;
		this.onEnterFrame = function(){

			if(rev == true){





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