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Realistic Mission 5

Realistic Mission 5

By ghostghost | 6939 Reads |
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Damn Telemarketers Tutorial By BlackAce227

Do you hate encryption? Does endless cycle of meaningless numbers get you down? Well then, this is the article for you. This tutorial will help you with the fifth realistic mission.

Ok, so here we go.  First off, what do we need to accomplish to complete the mission? Spiffomatic64 wants us stop the telemarketers from calling him and to find the password from the telemarketers website. He says there are two ways of doing this, either reverse engineer the MD5 password or make a program that would brute force the MD5'd password that he had already wiped. Since I am not very good at writing programs and the first option is a lot simpler, we will try that.

Spiffomatic64 says that the MD5 password is ace008c817405d93dde2302741a0a66b. Now what we want to do is to decrypt the MD5 password so that we can enter the password in their database and complete the mission. What we need to do is to find a MD5 hash cracker to decrypt the hash and give us the highly prized password. There are probably many hash crackers on the internet *cough*Google*cough* so I would start by looking there.  After you have found the MD5 Cracker, take the password and go back to the telemarketers� website. Once there, enter the password on the database page and then you see the Congratulations yourscreenname you completed mission 5!!!

Please tell me what you think of the article. Keep in mine this is my first time at all of this so please don�t rate too harshly. If you need any-more help just PM me.


Submitted by BlackAce227 on December 04 2004 - 10:52:10

bl4ckc4t's avatar
bl4ckc4t 16 years ago

big spoilers.

interslice's avatar
interslice 16 years ago

are you sure its as simple as cracking the hash and entering it into the database page? im sure there was more to it….:whoa:

ghost's avatar
ghost 16 years ago

ya u dide kind of spoil it BUT i think it was very helpfull

fisrt time i heard of MD5 hash cracker:xx:

ghost's avatar
ghost 15 years ago

"Spiffomatic64 says that the MD5 password is ace008c817405d93dde2302741a0a66b."

Where? :o

NightSpyder's avatar
NightSpyder 15 years ago

Yeah, I agree with Hagzor. The MD5 password isn't given to you. What I wanted to know was where I could find the hash, not have the hash given to me.

ghost's avatar
ghost 12 years ago

I found a md5 hash cracker, but it sais that there is no such hash!! Also, there is no person called spiffomatic64 in real 5. It links you to a website called ebuss.net. are you sure you're talking about the right challange?

ghost's avatar
ghost 12 years ago

AAAAAA..nvm guys. i've gotta learn to pay more attantion :angry: this is hts challanges, not hbh.