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IT Security, a way of life.

Offensive Security vs. Defensive Security general questions

10 years ago 37601 Reads
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The Impact of the Gold Rush on Western Society

Essay for school on Gold Rush. Not really about western soci

13 years ago 199287 Reads
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Filesharing Pt.1 - The meaning of filesharing and TPB trial

*This is the first article in a series of 2 or 3. * This

13 years ago 6568 Reads
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This is a brief essay I wrote on the subject of Biometrics f

14 years ago 6788 Reads
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Simulated Reality

An article I wrote discussing the possibility of simulated r

14 years ago 6351 Reads
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Some information on computer systems.

This is my submitted coursework for college... Yes my real n

14 years ago 5291 Reads
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Computer Security: An overview

Another paper I wrote for University. This one covers the ba

14 years ago 6424 Reads
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A paper I had to write for University, so I figured I\'d pos

15 years ago 5021 Reads
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File Sharing

Comments... and Opinion about File Sharing

15 years ago 5046 Reads
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The statistical distribution of tossing a coin and it rhymes it

A British 2 pence coin (steel core with copper plating)(1).

15 years ago 5764 Reads
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What will you walk away knowing from HBH.

What will you walk away knowing from HBH.

15 years ago 5337 Reads
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Self Esteem

An essay written for a language arts class describing the ef

16 years ago 5693 Reads
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Cold War and Butter Battle Book

School Project on the Cold War

16 years ago 15935 Reads
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Hackers and Painters

Paul Grahm\'s essay on a comparason of hackers and p

16 years ago 4946 Reads
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The Development Of Computers

How hacking became what it is today.

16 years ago 5431 Reads
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My Theory of Life.

A piece of writing I decided to throw together about stuff f

16 years ago 4799 Reads
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