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Complete Anonymity Guide.

Complete Anonymity Guide.

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Use a good firewall software for your computer. When using good firewall software it uses high-end built protection that connects directly into your preferred firewall Database. Also, using your preferred firewall you are getting different types of malware protection and live website protection to protect you from websites with vulnerabilities.

Purchase a hardware firewall. You can get them for as little as $50+ from a pawn shop if they have it and up from there online. This will help in protecting not only your computer, but if you hook it into your internet connection before your router/modem, it protects all of your networked devices. Lengthy passwords on your router and computers on network strengthens your protection with the use of uppercase and lowercase with numbers and symbols we can never say this enough.

Utilize a VPN connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it actually simulates your computer as if you are logged into the network from another location. A good VPN company to use is from Barracuda. They offer SSL as well as VPN connections. Also remember to test for DNS leaks so your VPN will not give up your IP address or other things that may lead you to be identified.

Once you have completed above steps now you need to get a more secure browser than IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc. I am talking about the Tor Network. The Tor Network is one of the leading web browsers that also comes with another VPN connection and keeps your website viewing privatized. Tor is 100% free and safe to use.

You should invest some money in a VPS in another country and change the providers monthly. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. You would want to completely reset the last VPS before you switch to a new one but this will set you back a few dollars monthly.

Always remember to surf the internet smartly. Now that everything is configured, the strength of your anonymity rests on your browsing habits and what you prefer. Use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo or StartPage they do not share your information like top search engines like Google or Yahoo. Avoid any sites with Javascript. Javascript code can be used to reveal IP addresses or more and deanonymize your traffic.

Disconnect from the Tor network and all other networks when opening files that you downloaded through Tor. Do not download torrent files while connected to the Tor network. Avoid any site that does not use HTTPS, its real easy just look in the address bar to see if the site is using HTTP or HTTPS. Also always avoid installing browser plugins and addons.

If you plan to use other browsers, which i really don’t suggest but you should go a whole lot father than just spoofing MAC addresses and GPS locations. You also have to remove all other little hints as of tracking you like no maximizing the screen, spoofing your device and Operating System as well. Really the only other way to even execute anything truly anonymous in browsers is to use a Virtual Machine with your selected OS and having it setup on a USB stick only then to erase everything on the USB stick after its disconnected and unplugged. Kali Linux can achieve this the best for all you penetrating needs. This community also invites you to learn and share newly discovered things. For very solid protection if you did not want anyone to get a hold of whats on you hard drives you could have your home setup with very strong magnets around every exit just in case your machine gets confiscated or stolen.

A throwaway email is great to have to register for sites. Make sure that the email address does not contain any personal information, and is not tied to any accounts that store your personal information.To add to this extra protection its a good idea to come up with a new alias from time to time. The more creative the more fun it can be.

Use PGP software, when your using HTTPS the software encrypts your data on a network level. When Tor just isn’t enough and you want to communicate with more encryption, Cyrtocat comes to the rescue with its AES-256 encryption which is about the hardest encryption to break. Always the best way to communicate at your world domination meetings.

When uploading files use MEGA to encrypt your files and keep your keys and login information somewhere. If you plan to use torrents as your source instead use BT Guard its just like all other VPN or proxy service but is designed for heavy BitTorrent users.

Now if you wish to go even farther Id suggest never using a smartphone ever again along with destroying all old phones and never logging into any social networks again. Completely delete all old emails and profiles on sites. If it will not allow you to delete or leave blank fields fill the blanks with fake information. Remove your phone numbers being listed that you ever used and any other paper trail you may leave behind you might find online. You can pay company’s to help you remove leftover traces of you online. Most offer plans for 99$.

If you feel you just can not get rid of something on the hard drive or RAM or after you are finished with whatever you was trying to accomplish to leave absolutely no traces behind physically simply destroy all hardware evidence either with extreme heat or corrosive liquids or with a strong magnetic field. After the final step and your still paranoid the most drastic thing you could possibly do is to remove yourself from the world all together. Start off by escaping the surrounding and meditate and if you don’t know how thats your first real lesson. This can put you in a more spiritualistic world and mind. The start removing more physical traces of your existence. Remove yourself from friends family neighbors co workers and be at one with yourself. Then the hardest parts, you must remove fingerprints , change your name, fake your death and move out of country to a secluded island you bought. You could eliminate all threats and pay off the people that may or may not agree with you. But only after you cashed out. If your still not satisfied then you invest in space exploration and and take over planets and stars and harvest all valuable materials in the known universe. The only thing left is finding the unknown. The choice to share what you find or don’t find is only up to you. Good luck .

In conclusion you cannot ever be truly anonymous or even join the group anonymous but you can get very close to it and you can start revolutions without the help of others and wit the help from the unknown. Complete anonymity is pretty much impossible. No ones ever the best and the rules are changing daily and people find new exploits all the time. No matter how much you try to hide there is always some information that can potentially be used to identify you. This is not a guarantee or a promise to work 100% always know no body else is responsible for your actions. The goal of using anonymity tools is to reduce the amount of information available.

Happy Safe Networking …


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CapnDelete 8 years ago

Thanks for the article, it looks like some good information. I would add Tails as a possible OS package. Kali is awesome, but if you configure it for ease of use anonymity suffers. A note on wiping storage data:

Using a magnet is pretty much worthless. That method only works for archaic technology that isn't used anymore (fuck floppies and tape drives. glad those are gone). Your average hard drive uses this technology, but is shielded to prevent accidental damage. Solid state drives ,including your USB drives, use a completely different technology that is pretty much unaffected by magnets. I guess theoretically it is possible, but the strength of the magnet would have to be insane. I personally would not want to be near anything of that magnitude.

If you want to guarantee that the data can't be accessed, use a Raspberry Pi or something similar as a scrap computer. After you're done doing whatever completely annihilate it and any storage media used. Microwave until it stops popping, burn it, or grind it. Just smashing it with a hammer isn't the best method as even though you can't access it through standard methods, a good lab can still retrieve the data. That shit they show in the movies is junk.

If you're not that paranoid, use software that overwrites the sectors multiple times. Just hitting delete generally marks it for reuse, but does NOT remove the information. Overwriting that area about 5 times pretty much removes the chances of retrieval. If you're using tape or floppy (do those still exist?) you need to overwrite it more like 15 times. Also be wary of what is retained in RAM. A capacitance charge can still hold the data.

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stegood 7 years ago

thanksthumbs up

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ghost 7 years ago

Am I the only one still running BackTrack 5r3? News Flash: Kali sucks an ass and a half….

Otherwise good .nfo, But I like SIB….I'll do one.

Ninja's avatar
Ninja 6 years ago

Update++ Linux Parrot or Tails.