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TelNet - tutorial for noobs

TelNet - tutorial for noobs

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Disclaimer - I nor Hellboundhackers takes responsibility for your actions, this article is for educational purpose only.


Telnet stands for TELecommunication NETwork. It is a network protocol used on the Internet or local area network (LAN) connections. It was developed in 1969. TELNET clients are available for virtually all platforms (win, linux, mac).

Most often, a user will be telnetting to a Unix-like server system or a simple network device such as a router. For example, a user might "telnet in from home to check his mail at school". In doing so, he would be using a telnet client to connect from his computer to one of his servers. Once the connection is established, he would then log in with his account information and execute operating system commands remotely on that computer, (DOS commands, linux Kernel commands).

Things you might need to google - Telnet, tcp/IP.

How to connect to telnet and spoof an e-mail on winXP.

open a command prompt type "telnet" !always with out quotes! press enter

type "open mail.google.com 25"

Syntax = (command) (Address or IP) (port#)

press enter

type "mail from: whateveremail@hear.com" press enter

type "rcpt to: whoever@youwant.com" press enter

type "data" press enter

type "subject: subjecthear" press enter

type " thebodyoftheemailhear " press enter

type "." press enter

type "close"

Congrats you just spoofed an e-mail

You can do allot more with tell net! try connecting to other servers and IPs all you need is the IP and port #. Different port numbers let you transfer different types of files.

			Port #s

25 - E-mail transfer protocal

21 - FTP File Transfer Protocal (mp3, jpg, txt, etc…)

80 - HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocal (html)

443 - HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocal Secure (depends on the site)

3306 - MySQL

110 - POP3

143 - Imap

587 - SMTP Secure Mail Transfer Protocal (ALT Mail)

!Another Example!

Want to watch star wars?

open a command prompt and open telnet

type "open towel.blinkenlights.nl" press enter

TaDa!!! lol just watch it

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clone4 14 years ago

Sorry but poor… Why ? Well to begin with, anything "for noobs" means that the content of the article will be in fact covering just the very basics of the subject, without even considering more technical aspects etc. And I don't think that this type of article belongs to this site, I mean just google telnet tutorial or something similiar, and you will be given literally thousands of exactly same articles. As said above, you've covered not in-depth and also pretty random information ( even tho I liked the email spoofing ), which is not usable even as good introduction to this subject, therefor doesn't enrich this community in any way.

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ghost 14 years ago

Wow what the fuck. Seriously admin's how could you let this be excepted. Poor. Very poor.

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ghost 14 years ago

Okay, okay… obviously, whoever approved this piece of crap either had a sense of humor or didn't bother reading it at all. The history of Telnet was nice… until I realized that it was blatant theft from this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telnet Go ahead… find all of the sentences almost word for word. As soon as I saw you start going into how to spoof an email with Telnet, vomit from the last 57 times someone found that interesting started to come back up. Oh… and you fucked it up; you forgot your "HELO" or "EHLO" after you get the 220 back from the mail server. Port 25 is SMTP, not "Email transfer protocol". SMTP doesn't stand for "Secure Mail Transfer Protocol"… it's "Simple", not "Secure". If it was secure, we wouldn't need PGP or S/MIME. Hell, for that matter, you could've done an article about SSH (more secure than Telnet, similar purposes), really put some effort into it… and probably gotten at least a Good rating. And what the hell was that crap at the end? We don't want jokes… we want some fucking content. Some GOOD content.

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ghost 14 years ago

Thank you Zephyr_Pure for that well thought out comment I was too angry when I read that. Also you are right it's almost word for word from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telnet and like Zephyr said also we are not here for jokes or laughter we are here to learn and spread knowledge. I still can't believe this got approved though I mean seriously…

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Futility 14 years ago

;KJLNHASKnoisJSLYEfga;h (Yes, that was the sound of me ripping out my own eyes)

Why, you ask? Because this was the most useless, poorly written excuse for an article in quite a long time. If you want details, please refer to Zephyr's post above. He seems to have nailed it perfectly. Like usual.

(Note: I did not accept this article. Still don't have the privs)

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fuser 14 years ago

Damn lousy article man. Seriously, there are already countless tutorials on telnet and how to spoof email using it.

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ghost 14 years ago

Pendraggon, you skid. You have been…EXPOSED!

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korg 14 years ago

WOW, I agree with Zephyr, Really outdated, Misinformed and mostly bullshit. Admins need to delete this before too many people see it. Shit… there is no garbage rating. -30/10

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spyware 14 years ago

Thanks for towel.blinkenlights.nl.

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ghost 14 years ago

haha one person gave this a "good" vote wonder who that was….

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spyware 14 years ago


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ghost 14 years ago

@spy lol

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ghost 14 years ago

IT is not good ever use telnet!!! anyone wouls be able to see the data. always better to connect stright to the console :evil: TAKE MY WORD IT HAVE TAMMPERED WITH DATA BEFORE

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ghost 14 years ago

@regedit dude shut the fuck up. Your retarded. You can't even write a sentence correct so I doubt that you have tampered with anything.

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ghost 14 years ago


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fashizzlepop 14 years ago

Im curious who exactly DOES approve these articles… completely useless…:(

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ghost 14 years ago

My guess is the guy that's checking out your console… he said something about connecting straight through and tampering with your dangler.

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Uber0n 14 years ago

type "subject: subjecthear"

type " thebodyoftheemailhear "

It's "here", not "hear". And also, I think it's quite obvious who rated this article Awesome :D (rated "Poor" btw)

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ghost 14 years ago

Well, the one that rated Awesome… is either an unfamiliar idiot or pendragon under another alias. The Good… well, we already covered that. No big surprise on the delusional vote there.

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ghost 14 years ago

That was, well POOR!!!:evil: