Welcome to HBH V2 ! If you had an account on hellboundhacker.org you will need to reset your password using the Lost Password system before you will be able to login.

HBH V2 Update

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I’m pleased to announce that the new version of HBH will be going live at the end of August, with maintenance taking place this weekend (14th August) in preparation for the new version the follow week.

The new version of HBH is a full rebuild of HBH with very few new features as the main focus for this new version is a solid base system for us and to keeping as much of the old database content as possible. This has limited features and changes that we wanted to make however once the new version is live, we can move quickly and upgrade or replace big parts of the database letting us add features and clean up some of the hacks which are in place currently.

The new version is very much HBH as it is now on a feature comparison with a full redesign of the sites UI and branding, with the bigger change being that of moving from procedural PHP 4 application HBH-Fusion to a MVC based system running PHP 7.4. We are also moving from our current server to many servers which should help with some load issues we have been seeing over the few months.

The new version will require all users to reset their password using the lost password system once the new version is live. We would also recommend enabling 2FA / U2F once you have reset your password to protect your account.

Now for the bad news, this new version does also mean all challenge progress and points data has been removed as the challenge system is built from the ground up to allow us to create more challenges and offer the ability for the community to make challenges. I know this will piss some people off as once again you will need to complete the challenges however the new challenge system is worth completing them again to see the new system.

I can say that we did try for a while to keep the challenge data and building the system around this however the migration path for this route was to complex and error prone. We tried multiple different work arounds however it still had issues where features we wanted were far too complex and would need rebuilding wholesale after a few months. I will apologies for this as it’s not what we wanted to-do however we all do think that its for the best and will let us add more challenge a lot faster than ever before.

We have also removed the Flash challenges from the new version due to flash being EOL now. Rooting 2 is also offline due to some strange edge cases which we are still working on fixing. Then the Real Challenges, Timed Challenges and the Penetration-Testing challenges are offline for now as we are still working on these challenges. However, they will be added back soon as possible.

There are going to be bugs on the site, UI issues and am sure there will be infrastructure issues as well. So once the new version is live, we will be working on fixing bugs for the next few months so new features and challenge won’t be in the pipeline for a while however we will provide more information on new features as soon as possible.

~HBH Staff

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Cool stuff, can’t wait to see it! If y’all need anything to help ensure things run smoothly, you know how to reach me.

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@Futility I have a task list the size of Texas to go over to get the deploy ready and then another todo list the same size once the deploy is done !!

I can say currently that we will be looking for volunteers to help with a huge number of things from front-end, graphics, SlackBots, Challenge Coding, testing, content writing, content conversion, moderators, and to be honest loads more. Going live is really just the start, once were live I will reach out for any help you can offer ! Thanks

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A global pandemic and a new HBH, this has been the best year ever.