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Changes to HBH

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some changes that are happening at HBH and some changes which will be happening over the next few months.

Yes another update on HBH development. Apologies to the community for the years of new HBH threads and new versions that have been built and never pushed out. Something always got in the way and stopped everything dead in the water, however this time round we all have more time for the site and want the new version out more than ever before, thanks for sticking with us, and we all look forward to having the new site public and adding new things ever month.

We have been working on a full rewrite of HBH to move away from HBH-Fusion to a custom application which will have fixed the current bugs on HBH, offer better account security with 2FA & U2F support We also have unit and feature testing with the new application which will help with regression and enable us to develope new features faster and offer a better experience for eveyone using the site. We are currently rewriting the challenges on HBH to the new application and once that is completed it will move to our staging environment, and we will be reaching out to some users to help with further testing and suggestions on the new version of HBH.

In current HBH news we have moved HBH to a new server and have added CloudFlare over the past week to help with access to the site and to help protect the site. CloudFlare will be in place going forward however if you have any issues with CloudFlare please get in touch with rex_mundi, elmiguel or myself. You can also contact us via the HBH Slack which you can join via the following link https://join.slack.com/t/hellboundhackers/shared_invite/zt-7ai38fwj-7VGWHFra~F9VMmI77dQtMw.

We have added a Donate via Paypal link https://paypal.me/hellboundhackers above the navigation sidebar as requested by some uses so they candonate to help with the server costs, on the subject of costs we have also added some adverts to the site to help with the costs of running the site. Please disable your ad blocker as the ads are directly helping to pay our server costs. In the new version of HBH we also have a donate page which breaks down the donations we have had and our costs to be open with everyone showing how much money the site makes, our costs and what the moeny does. We feel this information should be public to the community as non of the staff take a paycheck for work they do here, all the money that is donated and made from ads goes back into the site.

Please see some screenshots of the new HBH below. If you have any questions or suggestions for features you want to see in the new HBH please post them below.















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It's looking good guys. :D:D

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I like the new color scheme. Thanx for the sneek peek Mordak .