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New Issues System

New Issues System
Description :

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This new system will show the current public issues that have been reported so if you think you have found an issues you can check before posting the issue. We will also now show the status and reward for the issue, however rewards for security issues will be post to the HoF.

Staff Comment

This feature has been deployed to HBH in version 2.0.9


This feature was added to HBH in version 2.0.9.
You can see the change log entry for this feature here.

Futility's avatar
Futility 10 months ago

Any chance there’ll be something like a “this is getting worked on as part of version x.x.x” tag that can be applied to things? More transparency tends to be nice.

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Mordak 10 months ago

@Futility Yes there will be it will be the same as the feature request system which lists the version the feature was added in and links to the change log.